Thursday, 25 September 2014

Now Book a Meal of your Choice in Trains through Phone or SMS

Posted by Siva Kumar Ari
Indian Railways has officially launched the Book A Meal Of Your Own Choice in Trains.

The Indian Railways has decided to start trial of e-catering service in trains. Its PSU, Indian Railways Catering &Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) on a trial basis is starting e-catering services on a few trains on Delhi – Amritsar section from today i.e. 25th September 2014. This is a service where a passenger will be able to place an order for a meal, to be served at his seat in the train en-route, through a phone call or an SMS.

Book Meals of your own choice in India Railway

This service has started, on a trial basis, with effective from today i.e, 25th September 2014, only in the Delhi – Amritsar section in six pairs of trains, which are:
15707/15708 (Katihar-Amritsar Exp),
11057/11058 (Amritsar-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Exp),
12497/12498 (Shane Punjab Exp),
14037/14038 (Delhi-Pathankot Exp),
12459/12460 (New Delhi-Amritsar Exp) and
14673/14674 (Shaheed Exp)
These trains are without Pantry Cars.


One may make a call to 1800 1034 139 (Toll free) or 0120 4383892-99 (8 lines) to book a meal. He will have to give his PNR number first which will be verified (about its confirmation status, train number, coach number, seat number.). The passenger will thereafter be advised about the available menu and their prices. The order will there after be taken as per preference and availability along with his mobile number and email-id.


One may send an SMS to 139 along with the PNR number to book a meal.The format of the SMS will be: “MEAL (SPACE) (PNR)”. Once the SMS is received and the PNR number is verified, the passenger will be contacted for taking down the order.

Once the order is taken, either through a phone call or an SMS, the confirmation of the order will be sent to the passenger through an SMS and also an e-mail stating the detailed item wise order, the PNR no., the train no., Coach/Seat no. and the billed amount. An SMS and an e-mail will also be sent to the respective Food Plaza/Catering Unit about the order with the above details. The food will be served on CASH ON DELIVERY (COD) basis i.e. the passenger will be served at the station at his seat in the train and the payment will be received on giving the bill. The minimum booking period or the lead time will be 2 hours i.e. a passenger can place an order to be served after at least two hours from the time of placing the order.

The above scheme will be started on a Trial basis and it will be launched on other trains only on its success.


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