Friday, 30 May 2014

Kerala leader calls Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi a ‘Joker’

Posted by Siva
The Congress on Thursday came out in support of Congress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi after a senior leader of party's Kerala unit, T.H. Mustafa, criticised his leadership and apparently called him a 'Joker'.

TH Mustafa was suspended from Congress:

Former Kerala minister TH Mustafa was suspended from Congress on Thursday for calling Rahul Gandhi a "joker" and saying that he should be removed if he does not resign in the backdrop of the party's debacle in the Lok Sabha polls.

"Rahul behaved like a joker and that's the reason why the Congress suffered a major reversal in the Lok Sabha polls. The role of a prime minister is not child's play and the people knew it and handed out the worst defeat to the Congress party," he had said.

Mr Mustafa, while speaking to reporters in Kochi yesterday, blamed Mr Gandhi for the Congress' debacle in the Lok Sabha polls. "He should resign from the party. He should not continue. If he doesn't resign voluntarily, he should be sacked. His crazy policies and joker-like behavior, and his association with non-Congress advisers were the primary reasons why the Congress suffered very badly in the elections.

"He made this remark openly, yesterday (Wednesday), when he was invited to take part in today's executive. The term he used 'joker' on Gandhi was extremely unbecoming on Mustafa's part and we decided to suspend him with immediate effect," said Sudheeran.

The 72-year-old Mustafa, a former minister and a five time legislator, was unfazed.

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  1. Does it mean that no one has the right to say against ghandi in this country. Where is our Right to have Right to Speech?