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Google Celebrates American Marine Biologist Rachel Louise Carson's 107th Birthday with a doodle

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Google Celebrates American Marine Biologist Rachel Louise Carson's 107th Birthday with a doodle. Carson is standing at a riverside with a pair of binoculars around her neck and a notebook in her hand. She was Born on May 27, 1907 in Springdale, Pennsylvania, Carson is famous for advancing the global environment movement through her writings.

She was born in Pennsylvania in 1907, she was originally an aquatic biologist before she became a full-time nature writer in the 1950s.

Notable Books by  Rachel Louise Carson:

Her most notable books include The Edge of the Sea, Silent Spring and The Sea Around Us, the latter of which won her a U.S National Book Award.

Carson's achievements in marine biology and ecology have led to her work being credited with advancing the global environmental movement, a term which deals with addressing environmental issues.

Retiring from government service, Carson devoted herself to writing. Her first book which had failed to record substantial sales, was republished in 1953 and became an instant bestseller. Her third book The Edge of Sea was published in 1955.
At 50, she adopted her 5 year old grandnephew Roger after the death of her adopted niece and she described her experiences with the young child exploring the wild in a magazine article, Help Your Child to Wonder.

Carson published her first book "Under the Sea-Wind: A Naturalist's Picture of Ocean Life" in 1941, and second book, "The Sea Around Us", in 1951.

Disturbed by the excessive use of synthetic chemical pesticides after World War II, she began focusing on the ill-effects of chemicals and pesticides on the environment. She wrote a book, "Silent Spring" in 1956, and called for a change in the way mankind viewed the natural world.

Rachel Carson died of breast cancer on April 14, 1964


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