Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Chhattisgarh Boy Sulendra Who Born Without Hands, Writes XII Board Exams With His Feet

Posted by Siva
We know so many physically challenged people in our daily life, but few of them become role model to other people by overcoming their problems and be an ideal person to everyone. Here is an inspiring story of Sulendra Kumar Kurrey, who was born without hands, stunned his class fellows and teachers while giving his 12th Board exams in Gurukul School in Baloda Bazaar as he wrote the entire paper using his feet.

Born to a farmer in Gabaud village in Palari tehsil, Baliram Kurrey, Sulendra hands did not develop after 3-4 inches. It caused worry to his parents who also had three other children with no disabilities, reported Punjab Kesari.

However, by the time Sulendra grew six years old, he learnt to use his feet for carrying out daily chores. Looking at this development, his parents got him admission in a school so that he could also study like other kids from the village.

Recently, he became the center of attraction in Gurukul school examination Centre where he was giving his class 12 board exams. Students and teachers saw him write the entire paper using his feet.

In spite of using “his feet to write, Sulendra managed to finish writing the paper well in time and his handwriting is also very clearly understandable”, teachers said.

Not only does he use his feet to write, he also uses it to eat. After clearing 12th grade, Sulendra wants to pursue graduation and a computer course. His aim is to get himself a government job.

"People made fun of me when I couldn't do anything on my own, but I took it in my stride. Today, I am respected and I don't feel like I am being looked down upon,"
he said.

Let Us wish him to achieve his goal as soon as possible.


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