Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Anil K,Kerala Man Who Can Paints With His Tongue to Create Guinness Record

Posted by Siva
In Our Country India, we have so many special persons but most of them doesn’t covered with media or newspapers. But in some times their work introduce themselves to our country. Here is one person with some unique talent that is he can draw an image portrait with his tongue only. Let’s assume a slip of the tongue can be very embarrassing usually. Then again, Anil K is no usual, ordinary man. When he puts tongue to canvas, masterpieces emerge.

Yes, that's right. Anil creates artwork using his tongue as a paint brush. While that may be distinctly strange, it's also rather fascinating.Professionally he is a 35-year-old school teacher worked from Kerala, he twisted and turned his head on over 1000 paintings, using just his tongue as his brush. And the collection even has an eight-foot Da Vinci portrait of Jesus Christ. For obvious reasons then, Anil K has stormed the internet with videos of him 'licking up a beauty' stunning netizens on YouTube.

If someone asks him why you use tongue to paint images? He simply said this answer “I wanted to be a different kind of an artist”. While most 'struggle' to draw a straight line in this age of keyboards, tablets and smartphones, Anil K can shoot from his mouth and paint up a storm with nonchalant ease. Of Course every one praise him for his extraordinary art but there are some side effects will be happen. Here are some problems stated by him.

"After painting, I experience pain in my jaws, headaches, slight loss of vision and dip in memory," he says. "These last for about two weeks.” ‘These' are fine though because when he is giving his tongue some much needed rest, Anil K uses his nose, chin, elbows and feet. "For the Guinness Records, I'm going to paint four portraits with both my hands and both feet at the same time," he claims.

You can watch his talent from the below video and wish him to achieve Guinness Book of Record.


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