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Important Actions To Take When You Loose Your Mobile

Posted by Siva
Here is what you can do when you lose your mobile . Now a days its common , almost all of us use latest Hi-Fi mobiles and some people hesitate to buy costlier mobiles as they feel the chances of losing it is high.
In-order to avoid that and even to trace back your lost mobile. Here is the list of things that you can do .

Important Actions To Take When You Loose Your Mobile
Important Actions To Take When You Loose Your Mobile 

Each mobile has its own Unique IMEI Number - which means International Mobile identity number which helps you in tracking/identifying your mobile.

  • 1st Primary thing if you own a Mobile is to note down your Mobile Unique IMEI Number on a place which you can remember easily .

  • To know your IMEI Number , Type *#06# from your mobile. 

  • Your Mobile shows a Unique 15 Digit Number . Noted it down and store it 

  • This 15 Digit Number is the Primary thing which will help you in tracing your mobile.

  • When you loose your mobile/when someone steals it. Just mail the 15 Digit unique IMEI Number to 

  • Lodge a complaint in your nearest police station by providing the IMEI Number , Date & place where the mobile was lost and provide further any possible information to them.

  • Since you have already Mailed your IMEI Number to  your mobile should be possibly traced within the 24 hours with the help of complex system of G.P.R.S & Internet.

  • Your mobile will be traced even if the Thief changes the same. It will trace the location .

  • All you have to do is lodge a complaint formally in the police station and forward the following details in a sequence and with accurate information to the email id provided .

Here are the details you have to send such as 

Your Name :
Address for communication :
Phone Model :
Year of Manufacture :
IMEI Number :
Date of Mobile lost :
Email id for further communication :

Fill all the details and send the to

I Hope this article is helpful , Kindly share this important information with your friends


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