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SHE- Society Harnessing Equipment Invented by SRM University Students

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Three engineering students of SRM University, Chennai has invented a electrifying anti-rape undergarment and they have named it as SHE- Society Harnessing Equipment. The three students are namely Manisha Mohan ,Rimpi Tripathi & Niladri Basu Bal. They came up with the idea for the Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards .

SHE- Society Harnessing Equipment
SHE- Society Harnessing Equipment

Following the increased gang rape and murder incidents in India from the past few months, Manisha Mohan ,Rimpi Tripathi & Niladri Basu Bal from the SRM Institute of Science and Technology in Tamil Nadu, India have created an anti-rape underwear capable of delivering 3,800 kilo-volt shocks to potential assailants. The undergarment is also designed to track the wearer’s location by GPS and can send text message alerts to police or family in case of emergencies.

Inventor's of SHE : Niladri Basu Bal , Manisha Mohan ,Rimpi Tripathi &
Inventor's of SHE : Niladri Basu Bal , Manisha Mohan ,Rimpi Tripathi 
The system is essentially just wire sensors with an electric circuit board attached to a camisole. When worn under clothes, the sensors can detect unwanted force (how exactly this differs than a friendly hug is unclear) and deliver up to 82 shocks to the would-be attackers. The team said they built the sensors around the bust area because a survey from law enforcement officials and women say attackers generally go for the chest area first before they are able get to the woman’s underwear.

The system devised is an inner wear, actuated with sensors and electric shock circuit board, for women. Along with this, GPS and GSM modules are attached to this setup. The inner side of the undergarment is insulated with a polymer. The circuit is placed near the bosom because in the attempt of rape or road-side eve-teasing, as per survey, women are attacked first on their bosom.

About the Inventors : Manisha is a student of Aeronautical Engineering, while Niladri and Rimpi are students of Instrumentation & Control Engineering, at SRM University, Chennai.

Inspiration for the Inventors : Studying in a convent girls school, we were always taught to be good to everyone around and bear a cheerful smile. After stepping into the real , cruel world we realized that our smile could not last for long as the threat to our purity and integrity always lingered on. Since the law makers take ages to come up with just laws and even after that, women are unsafe. Hence, we have initiated the idea of self‐defense which protects the women from domestic, social and workplace harassment. We came across many such incidents of harassment during our survey in women’s hostel. So we decided to make this project which can be implemented easily .We have used technologies which are being used in day to day life (G.P.S,G.S.M,pressure sensors) in our innovation to bring a simple solution to this serious problem existing in our society.

Current Shortcomings: The device needs to be more compact.

Future Plan: We want to interface this system with a smart phone using Bluetooth and infrared. The pressure sensor will send a signal to the smart phone through Bluetooth which will in turn send stress messages instantly.

SHE ( SHE- Society Harnessing Equipment ) recently won the Gandhian Young Technology Innovation Award, and will be mass produced by the end of the month. Hopefully, such innovation will keep both locals and tourists safe from unwanted force and bring positivity back to the nation

Manisha Mohan explaing about their Invention
Manisha Mohan explaing about their Invention 
Inventor's of SHE : Niladri Basu Bal , Manisha Mohan ,Rimpi Tripathi receiving award at  Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards
Inventor's of SHE : Niladri Basu Bal , Manisha Mohan ,Rimpi Tripathi receiving award at  Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards 

Congratulations and all the best :)

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Video of the Inventors on How it actually works


  1. useful to society..

  2. if the attacker is getting electrocuted and has as much as a finger touching the person being attacked, that will electrocute both.

  3. @Harsh Kumar : u are right brother !!
    The only solution for this device to work perfectly is she must be totally insulated like the below pic.

    And obviously if you follow wearing these kinda dresses, no one will rape you !!
    insha allah :)
    May god bless

  4. In what way bro? as Harsha Kumar said
    its risky for both the women/girl and the attacker.
    we must watch out complete safety of the women/girl.

  5. If we are asking a girl to be insulated like this to prevent attacks from anyone. It just means that we are living in a barbaric forest of 2 legged animals not in a civilized human society. Its time to change the people and punish the idiots more severely else, the society should hang itself to death.

  6. excellent guys....congrates !!..

  7. Very good yaar... I think your completely unaware with the situations of saudi and other Islamic countries . I dont think that this type of dress will save any women from mishaps !!! I an not agains this dress but I am again your over confidence .

  8. Such idea needs to be welcomed.This needs a bit fine tunning, but there is always a ray of hope.. salute for the creative heads! keep moving.

  9. An excellent invention. My congratulations to the three young inventers. It is now for someone to get it in to the manufacturing and sale at reasonable rates. Best wishes.

  10. I am Niladri, one of the creators of SHE. We have a closed loop circuit which does not involve the ground. Current flows through shortest resistance path. For this reason only the attacker will receive the shock from the shock terminals,it wont flow through the victim's body. I hope i have answered your doubt. Thank you.

  11. I am Niladri, one of the creators of SHE. I can totally understand what you are saying. Our prototype is in an infant stage. We have deliberately kept some areas n placed in the project where it can be grown and further developed . It is not the absolute model. Right now the perks of SHE may not seem sufficient, but i assure you, we are soon coming up with a full-proof planned model. Thank you.

  12. Awesome invention sissy!! :D All d best.. wish yu all three a great success! :)