Monday, 15 July 2013

Supreme Court of India Decided to change Motor Vehicle Act

Posted by Siva
Today the Honorable Supreme Court of India has admitted SaveLife Foundation (SLF's) PIL to strike down Rule 93(8) of Central Motor Vehicle Rules that allows for up to ONE METER of protrusion of sharp load from the back of goods vehicles. Notice has been issued to the Central Government.

For the past 2 years SLF have been quietly researching and collecting hard data around accidents involving trucks carrying protruding rods. With a very strong case in SLF favour, SLF launched a campaign to STOP this menace, nationally.

Hopefully in the next few days all the state Governments will implement this act so that many lives can be saved from the accidents which occur due to the Heavy vehicles that carry Rods and iron materials

We keep you updated on this information !!

You can follow Save Life foundation Facebook page for more updates , they are really doing a great job for the society of India  :)


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