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Shweta Katti , Girl born in Mumbai red light area to study in US

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Shweta Katti grew up in Mumbai's red-light district, Kamathipura. As a child she dreamed of travelling abroad and getting an education. Her immediate goal is to study psychology, with the plan of helping women who have been traumatized by conditions of sexual abuse.

Shweta Katti , Girl born in Mumbai red light area to study in US
Shweta Katti , Girl born in Mumbai red light area to study in US

Shweta will be the first woman from Kamathipura who has overcome a lifetime of adversity to realize the dream of studying abroad. Shweta's success will be an inspiration for literally millions of young women. Directly confronting the social stigma associated with India's exploitative sex-work industry, Shweta is living proof that no person's worth and potential need be limited by their gender, caste, complexion, parents' occupation, or where they come from. Newsweek Magazine named Shweta one of "25 Under-25 Young Women To Watch:"  Shweta Katti, fought social stigma of growing up in a red light district in Mumbai. She has also managed to become the first person from her neighbourhood to get a US scholarship. But her journey wasn't easy. "I had a low self esteem because I am a dark skinned girl. In India, people say dark people are ugly and all. In school, my friends used to call me cow dung, black bamboo. I started hating myself, I thought that I was bad and I am not good," Shweta said.

 Shweta has been accepted to Bard College in Annandale, N.Y., with a full tuition scholarship worth $46,000. Shweta still has unmet financial requirement for her additional expenses, including travel, accomodation, books, student fees and health insurance, an amount totalling $18,000 a year. The American Alumni Association, Kranti, Ketto and a group of Shweta's well wishers are initiating a campaign to raise a support network for her.

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