Saturday, 29 June 2013

Tutorial for beginners on How to join .001 movie files

Posted by Siva
For the sake of explanation let's say that you have downloaded "Nostradamus 2012 HDTV " from the board and you don't know how to join .001, .002, .003 and so on files.

here we go let's get started: 1. Go to and select the version of HJSPLIT compatible with your operating system.

2. After downloading HJsplit run it and click on join as shown below !

3. Click input and go to the folder where the parts has been stored (here the folder name is "Nostradamus 2012") .

4. Don't worry ! it automatically shows only .001 file .Note that all parts should be stored in the same folder.After clicking on the .001 files click "open" 

5. Then click "Start".

6. As you can see the files are being joined !

7. The joining process in complete !

8. Results !

9. File is now ready to be played !


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