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Tamilnadu Tourism

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Tamil Nadu is the land of the Tamils and it has a history that dates back to several thousand years. It is a land where traditions and culture blend and continue to live in harmony. The state abounds in monuments and temples that are ancient and each has its own story of religious, artistic and cultural accomplishment and specialty waiting to be heard.

Are there answers to be found on its beaches and hill stations as they welcome the traveler? We are sure you will form your own opinions and have your own perceptions as we welcome you to this enchanting and ancient Dravidian land, in the extreme south of peninsular India.

Tamil Nadu has a long coastline that stretches nearly a 1000 kms. The Coromandel Coast, along the Bay of Bengal, boasts of many ideal locations for sun and surf. Golden sands of the beach are dotted with coconut palm and casuarina groves. The sea washes ashore pebbles and shells and the gentle breeze sways the yachts and catamarans into the deeper waters of the sea and the waters form small dunes on the shore. Crabs play hide-and-seek by coming out of one burrow, and taking refuge in another. Sea gulls hover in the sky and then rest on the sails of the fishing boats. There are many more breathtaking sights that will please you and hold you spell bound in Tamil Nadu.

Tamilnadu Hill Stations

  •  Ooty 
  •  Kotagiri 
  • Kodaikanal 
  • Velliangiri Hills
  • Coonoor Hills

Tamilnadu Beaches : 

Kurusadai Islands
Mahabalipuram Beach, Chennai
Marina Beach, Chennai
Muttukkadu Beach
Rameshwaram Beach
 Covelong Beach
Kanyakumari Beach

Tamilnadu Cities :


Tamilnadu Temples :: 

Meenakshi Temple
Chidambaram Temple
Rameshwaram Temple
Kanyakumari Temple
Madurai Murugan Temple
Chennai Krishnapuram Temple
Kumbeswara Temple
Swamimalai Temple
Airavatheeswara Temple
Kailasamundaiyar Temple
Nageswaran Temple


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