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Mysore Tourism

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Looking at the current trend, it seems that Mysore is very soon going to catch up with Bangalore as one of the most sought after cities for IT companies. Situated just 127 Km from Bangalore, Mysore is the second biggest city of Karnataka. With many grand palaces like Mysore Palace adorning the face of the city, Mysore has come to be known as 'City of Palaces'. The name Mysore has its roots in Indian mythology. The legend has it that Goddess Chamundi killed Demon Mahishasura here. Thus the name Mysore. The city was once the capital of Wodeyar Dynasty till Independence. With the many palaces build by them still standing tall, Mysore resonates the ambiance of bygone era. Mysore is famous world over for Sandalwood and Silk.

Mysore Palace During Night

Mysore is also famous for the grand celebrations of Dussehra that takes place here every year during October and November months, depending on the dates. The main attraction of the celebration is the procession organized by the state. The 2.5 mile long procession starts from the gates of Mysore Palace in which an idol of Goddess Chamundeswari is taken on a beautifully decorated elephant.

Attractions - Hand Built Beauties

Mysore is a city full of magnificent palaces and buildings. Most of the major tourist attractions in Mysore are all situated near the city center. The most important one is Mysore Palace that is among the best palaces in entire India. And with magnificent Brindavan garden and many splendid museums, Mysore has become one of the most visited cities in South India.

Major Attraction of the City

Mysore Palace

This is definitely the most visited tourist attraction in Mysore and also the grandest one. Mysore Palace once served as the residence of Wodeyar Kings. The magnificent palace is as extravagant from inside as it is scintillating from outside. The current structure was build after the original palace was partially destroyed by fire. It was completed in the year 1912 and was designed by the famous British architect Henry Irwin. The style of palace is Indo-Saracenic and amalgamates Hindu, Muslim and Gothic architectural styles. Step into Mysore Palace though the heavily crafted doors that open into large hallways and rooms decorated with splendid art works, carved pillars, ornate ceilings and many more embellishments. The palace now is a museum displaying artifacts like paintings, jewelery, gold items and many other things that once belonged to Wodeyar Dynasty. If possible, visit Mysore Palace on Sundays or on holidays when the entire palace is illuminated and gives a totally different sight. The palace is can be visited on all days from 10 AM to 5. 30 PM. The illumination on Sundays is done from 7 Pm to 8 PM.

St. Philomena's Church
Completed in the year 1941, St Philomena's Church is one of the best examples of neo-Gothic structures in India. The Church is inspired a lot by the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. The Church is among the largest in India. The structure rises to a height of 120 feet above ground level. The interiors of the church get a peaceful yellow tinge due to the tinted glasses. You can visit the church any at time of the year. Although no Photography is allowed inside the church, the serene environment of the church will make an everlasting impression on your mind.

Brindavan Gardens
Brindavan Gardens are among the most looked after gardens in South India. The garden was set up by the Diwans of Mysore, the park is laid out under the Krishnaraja Dam. Located just 19 km from the city center, it is easily accessible. Brindavan Gardens cover an area of 150 acres and is dotted with exquisite lawns with colorful flowerbeds. However the real fun starts only after sunsets when all the fountains in the garden are lit up with many colorful lights. The garden is open from 7 AM to 8 PM. All the lights come on at 7 PM till 7.55 PM on weekdays and 7 PM till 8.55 PM.

Rail Museum
Started in the year 1979, rail Museum of Mysore is among the oldest among many such museums in India. The major displays in the rail museum are the many paintings in the Chamundi Gallery relating to the development in Indian Railways. The two luxurious coaches kept in Sri Ranga pavilion, will definitely leave you mesmerized. One can also take a ride in the battery operated mini train which runs inside the premises itself.

Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery
Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery is among the most visited art galleries in India. Established in the year 1915, it has numerous display objects collected form all over the world. The main attraction of the museum are the paintings of Mysore kings and princes. Paintings of Ravi Verma are also a great attraction among the tourists. Along with the art works, on display are musical instruments, etchings of Roman culture, textiles and armory of legendary kings. The museum is open from 10 AM till 4.30 PM.

Accommodations In Mysore

Lalitha Mahal Hotel
Mysore is a city that is visited by many tourists round the year. Due to its proximity to Bangalore, all tourists who to the capital city, also come to Mysore. To accommodate these many tourists, there are ample of hotels in Mysore. Major share of hotels in Mysore are above average and budget hotels. However number of luxury hotels is also quite impressive. The main hotels of Mysore are Hotel Ginger, Hotel Paradise and Quality Inn Southern Star. The most magnificent of all is the Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel. This heritage palace hotel is among the best in South India.

Getting There ::
By Air
The nearest airport to Mysore is in Bangalore. The distance between the two cities is around 127 km and its takes roughly 4 hours to cover the distance. Shortly, Mysore will have its own atriport which will make accessing Mysore easier. Bangalore is well connected to all parts of India with Indian Airlines, Jet airways and flights of many other private operators. From Bangalore, there are regular transport buses as well as private coaches to Mysore.

By Rail
Mysore has acquired the broad gauge lines. So the city now receives trains even from Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. There are three different lines connecting it to Bangalore, Hassan and Chamrajanagar. It is also well connected to all the major destination in Karnataka and nearby states. Fastest train to Mysore is Shatabdi express joining Bangalore and chennai.

By Road
Mysore has good number of roads connecting it to other cities of South India. State Highway 17 connects it to Bangalore where as National highway 212 jins Mysore to Kerala and Tamilnadu. Buses from all parts of South India are regular to Mysore. Similarly, you will get a KSRTC bus to any location in Southern India from the interstate bus stand without any hassles, from the central bus stand. There are private coaches as well that run to and fro between the cities.

Local Transportation
Auto rickshaws and privately owned taxis are the fastest way of commuting inside the city. Though trip to Mysore is incomplete till you take a ride in a Tonga (Horse Carriage) here. Buses are also there.


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