Tuesday, 25 June 2013

MI-17 chopper engaged in rescue operations in Uttarakhand crashes; eight including five crew members, dead.

Posted by Siva
Weather scripted yet another tragedy in Uttarakhand with a MI-17 V5 helicopter on a rescue operation crashing in the hills around Gaurikund. The MI-17 helicopter . Reports of casualties indicates that 8 people have died of whom 5 are crew members and rest civilians. However, some discrepancies are there in exactly how many people were on board. Sources indicate that there may well have been many, many more people on chopper.
It not clear whether the helicopter was carrying any victims of the devastating floods.The weather had turned extreme as the evening rolled by, making aircraft sorties very difficult. According to sources, pilots wanted to rescue as many people as possible before darkness stopped the rescue effort.

The courageous pilots, flying in these dangerous conditions, could not send any SOS message indicating their aircraft was in trouble.Choppers have been sent to the area to search for the wreckage.The reason for the crash will be known only after a court of inquiry is conducted.


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