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Happy Shani Amavasya and Shani Jayanti

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Shani Jayanti, or Sani Jayanthi, is believed to be the day when Lord Shani, one of the Navagrahas made its appearance on Earth. In 2013, the date of Shani Jayanti is June 8, Saturday. The day is doubly auspicious in 2013 as it falls on a Saturday. Shani is feared by those people who believe and follow astrology, as Shanaishchara has the capacity to create malefic influence on the horoscope and thus in their life.

In Hinduism, Lord Shani is the son of Surya (Sun God) and his wife Chaya. Suryadev’s wife Chaya had gone into intense meditation to please Lord Shiva for a son. Due to the intensity of her meditation and the rigor and austerity of the sun, the fetus in her womb turned blackish in colour before even being born After Shani Dev was born, Suryadev went to see his wife and the new born baby. However, seeing Shani’s black colour, Suryadev refused to accept him as his child. 
Suryadev doubted his wife and said to her that such dark child cannot be his. Seeing such an attitude of his father, Shani Dev started to think very high of his mother, but developed hatred and anger for his father.
To become more Tejasvi and Parakrami than his father, Shani went into intense meditation to please Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva finally got impressed and asked Shani for his wish. In return, Shani Dev asked Shiva to make him more powerful than his father.
His wish was granted and Lord Shiva made him the judge and made him more powerful than his own father, Suryadev. 

There is a small village in Maharashtra called Shingnapur where even today not even one door of any house remains shut. Despite doors being opened all the time here, there is never a case of theft happening. This is because of a belief that if anyone dares to steal anything from any house, Lord Shani himself will punish the culprit.  This place has a special grace of Shani Dev.
According to the mythological scriptures, Shani was born in Shingnapur. Though there is no temple of Shani here, but the village has his statue. The sculpture is black. Its length is approximately 5 feet 9 inches and 6 feet 1 inch in width.

There is a famous story of this village. Once a Pandit visited this village. He was blind. One night when he was sleeping, Shani Dev appeared in his dream and asked him to visit a hill inside which was his idol to bring it out. 
When Panditji told him that he is blind and won’t be able to this work, Lord Shani gave him eyesight. When the Pandit woke up, he was happy to see everything and the first thing he did was take out the idol as asked by Shani Dev. When the idol was taken out,-  people established it in a place and descendants of the priest and other residents worship Lord Shani’s idol even today.

On Shani Jayanti day, people perform special pujas at Navagraha Temples or in Shani Temples. Those Hindus having Saturn cycle or Shani cycle or Sade Sathi in their horoscope perform special pujas like Shani Yagya or Homa. Some devotees observe a fast (fasting or upvaas) on the day and the rules observed are similar to Shanivar Vrat or Saturday Fasting.Shani dev is also the god worshipped on Saturday or Shanivar. .  Visiting Navagraha shrines, Shani temples or temples of Lord Ganesha on the day is considered auspicious.
Depending upon the condition of Shani, people are provided with results. Among all nine planets, Shani is considered to be the most important because it stays on a zodiac for the maximum time, which is two and a half years.
This year, on June 8, Shani Jyanti will be celebrated all over the country. The Amavasya falling on this Saturday has special time to worship Shani Dev.
Coincidently, this year, Shani Jayanti is also on the same day as Amavasya. So it is rare thing and very lucky for people.

A House in Shani Shingnapur without doors


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