Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Official South African Cricket Team Promotional Video for 2015 World Cup

Posted by Siva Kumar Ari
The Preparations for the world cup has already started and in the lead South Africa has officially released a video to promote their team for the 2015 world Cup.  The Video stated that the whole South African  team wanted to make everyone aware of Proteas ( Nick Name of South Africa Cricket Team  ) , who they play for and what it means to be a Proteas .


Here is the South Africa official video for the 2015 world cup

Here is the Description & Story Behind the Name PROTEA  

Many people don’t know that the Protea flower is adapted to survive ravaging veldfires. It needs the heat and intensity of fire in order to sustain its species. It produces new growth after a fire and grows back stronger.

The Protea is also named after Proteus, the god in Greek mythology who was adaptable and could change into many forms and do what was needed to survive.

Under the leadership of Graeme Smith this ethos of Protea Fire was started and now continues to grow. This team is made of South Africa. United in their differences. The diversity amongst them provides the stimulus to leave behind a lasting legacy. Something for children to aspire to. From a country torn apart when times were tough, when they were down and out, they went on to win games out of nowhere and were crowned the number one test team in the world.

In 2014 the team decided they wanted South Africans to know more about who they are. Who they play for and what it means to them to be Proteas.
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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Now Book a Meal of your Choice in Trains through Phone or SMS

Posted by Siva Kumar Ari
Indian Railways has officially launched the Book A Meal Of Your Own Choice in Trains.

The Indian Railways has decided to start trial of e-catering service in trains. Its PSU, Indian Railways Catering &Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) on a trial basis is starting e-catering services on a few trains on Delhi – Amritsar section from today i.e. 25th September 2014. This is a service where a passenger will be able to place an order for a meal, to be served at his seat in the train en-route, through a phone call or an SMS.

Book Meals of your own choice in India Railway

This service has started, on a trial basis, with effective from today i.e, 25th September 2014, only in the Delhi – Amritsar section in six pairs of trains, which are:
15707/15708 (Katihar-Amritsar Exp),
11057/11058 (Amritsar-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Exp),
12497/12498 (Shane Punjab Exp),
14037/14038 (Delhi-Pathankot Exp),
12459/12460 (New Delhi-Amritsar Exp) and
14673/14674 (Shaheed Exp)
These trains are without Pantry Cars.


One may make a call to 1800 1034 139 (Toll free) or 0120 4383892-99 (8 lines) to book a meal. He will have to give his PNR number first which will be verified (about its confirmation status, train number, coach number, seat number.). The passenger will thereafter be advised about the available menu and their prices. The order will there after be taken as per preference and availability along with his mobile number and email-id.


One may send an SMS to 139 along with the PNR number to book a meal.The format of the SMS will be: “MEAL (SPACE) (PNR)”. Once the SMS is received and the PNR number is verified, the passenger will be contacted for taking down the order.

Once the order is taken, either through a phone call or an SMS, the confirmation of the order will be sent to the passenger through an SMS and also an e-mail stating the detailed item wise order, the PNR no., the train no., Coach/Seat no. and the billed amount. An SMS and an e-mail will also be sent to the respective Food Plaza/Catering Unit about the order with the above details. The food will be served on CASH ON DELIVERY (COD) basis i.e. the passenger will be served at the station at his seat in the train and the payment will be received on giving the bill. The minimum booking period or the lead time will be 2 hours i.e. a passenger can place an order to be served after at least two hours from the time of placing the order.

The above scheme will be started on a Trial basis and it will be launched on other trains only on its success.
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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Mumbai Metro Rail Provides free Wi -Fi to the Passengers

Posted by Siva Kumar Ari
Good News for the Mumbai Metro Commuters/ Passengers as Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation has decided to provide free internet services to the metro passengers with the help of Wi-Fi Service .
This Internet Service can be utilized both in the Metro Train & in the metro railway stations.

Mumbai Metro Rail Provides free Internet Service Wi -Fi to the Passengers
Mumbai Metro Rail Provides free Internet Service Wi -Fi to the Passengers 

Internet service will be provided for free of cost for the first 15 mins at now per day . Passengers can now buy coupons at the Metro Railway Station which are about 100 Rupees in cost which will enable and a passenger can use the internet service for a period of 180 hours. The 100 Rupees once paid is an Non-refundable money.

Mumbai Metro One Pvt Ltd has came up the deal of providing internet facility with YouBroadband . YouBroadband is a Internet Service Provider in India. The Company is primarily based on Mumbai.
By the end of July 2014 , Mumbai Metro is planning to extend the Service throughout all the stations and on all metros evening while travelling.

Passengers on Train can now see a Wi-Fi name on the Phone when a Wi-Fi is kept is ON position,  When connected , this will lead to a webpage where they are asked to Register at Youbroadband . When Registered on their site . Your Internet service will be activated and now can browse  for a period of 15 minutes on daily basis.

Mumbai Metro Rail Provides free Wi -Fi to the Passengers
Mumbai Metro Rail Provides free Internet Service Wi -Fi to the Passengers 

Customers who buy coupons of 100 Rupees will be able to browse for 180 Hours.. The Amount of Duration of usage will be determined by the login and logout details in the website.

Details such as Username , Telephone Number / Mobile Number and Address are needed inorder to register successfully on the site .

Lets Hope this service will be helpful for the commuters .
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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Preity Zinta Releases Fresh Statement about Ness Wadia on Facebook and Answers her Critics

Posted by Siva Kumar Ari
Preity Zinta has released a fresh statement & things that went wrong with Ness Wadia on her official facebook page and she has also clarified on some issues which were mis-conceptualized by the media and some fans .

Preity Zinta shah rukh khan ness wadia lalit modi rajeev shukla
Preity Zinta shah rukh khan ness wadia lalit modi & rajeev shukla at Inaugral IPL Auction

 So here is the statement that she kept on facebook .

For the Record :
Sometimes in life one is faced with a situation that blows up in your face irrespective of which path you take. The last few days have felt like an emotional and moral roller coaster for me. What surprises me most are some of the reactions that i have seen or heard from people, friends and the media regarding this situation. Sadly in India the fairer sex has to have a larger limit, more tolerance and worry about what people will say irrespective of the facts and the truth.

I appreciate all the people who stand by me and support me but i must confess i am genuinely surprised and shocked at some reactions from people in general. My F.I.R IS VERY CLEAR yet its INTERPRETATIONS ARE MIND BOGGLING and there is so much speculation as to Why did i do what i did ? What was the motive behind my actions etc , therefore this is my attempt to set the record straight.

Why did i report a personal matter to the police? 

PERSONAL MATTER ? Seriously ? For the record this relationship was ended by me in 2009 and i don’t ever recall having gone to the police on any personal matter irrespective of what happened then. But now its been 6 years since the break up so THIS IS NOT A PERSONAL MATTER.

Is this done for MONEY ? 

IPL was my project from the start and for the record not only did i pay for myself (5 crores)when i got into the IPL (bid) I paid for Ness too ! 5 crores ! (Proof of my financial commitment in the IPL is with the Bcci.) To be fair to him he did pay me back a couple of months later ( without any premium) so Hope the money theory is put to end once and for all. I have never taken ANYTHING from anyone now or ever in the past as I have a lot of self respect and pride myself for being self made and not motivated by other people’s money. Instead, whenever i could help him in my capacity i did. The Go Air commercial was done completely free of cost by me and the money that i earned on the Tv show Kaun Banega Crorepati was also donated by me for the Wadia Children hospital.
If money was my motive in life then why did I decline late Mr Shandaar Amrohi’s will (he treated me like his daughter ) which was worth hundreds of crores in court and in the media ?

Is this done for PUBLICITY ? 

No one wants to be involved in something like this this for cheap publicity as this is more humiliating then something to be proud of, specially if you are a very private and self respecting person. I have been in this film industry since 1998 and have been part of the biggest blockbusters in the past. From Best actress awards to a bravery award i have won them all so please give me a break ! I don’t need publicity, specially cheap publicity.

My disappearance to the US - 

I HAD to go to the Us as I had work there which i could not ignore due to a prior commitment. In the end of the day I am a professional and cannot let my work suffer. I came back to India as soon as the police department required me to do so to help with further investigations.

Fight for SEATS - 

Really ? 50 seats and a V.I.P air-conditioned box (35 seater) was there , yet me and my friends sitting on 6 seats becomes an issue ? All through the IPL I have given ALMOST ALL my seats to the players families so taking over seats at all games is a completely wrong accusation and disrespecting anyone’s mother is OUT OF THE QUESTION as i might forget my name but never my manners.

Why did I file a F.I.R with the police ?

Because after several warnings over the years I WAS LEFT WITH NO OTHER OPTION….. The whole point of this is that violent physical or aggressive behaviour should not be tolerated by rich or poor, man or woman, celebrity or not ! 


 Life moves on, people move on and so have I, and Happily so. I firmly believe and live by the principle that The Windscreen is always larger than the rear view mirror.
Underworld Don - I am as clueless and surprised about this development as anyone else is and am only a spectator like every body else.


Its worth fighting for irrespective of size, class and gender. One of the few things money CANNOT buy and the only thing that keeps your head over the crowd.

Standing up for yourself - 

If you can’t stand up for yourself don’t expect the world to stand up for you. No one knows this better than me.


If only a mother had corrected her son, when she saw what he was becoming, and not ignore it ; If only the journalist had not said - ‘’ Why is she making a big deal of an incident that is not rape or murder; " If only the girlfriend had walked out when she saw the first sign of abuse ; If only the female voter, made a note of an insensitive politician’s attitude towards women and made sure he never got elected again ; If only other women didn’t dilute the seriousness of the offence by calling it Jealousy ; If only the reporter did not write an article to bring down any woman or her character only because she had the guts to report it and stand up for herself ………………………IF ONLY !!…………..
Police investigation is on so i would humbly request people to have a little patience and wait for all the facts to come out. This is not a frivolous or immature complaint to the police. I have never lied in the past and do not lie when it suits me or is convenient. I am a responsible citizen of this country and my only fault is that I am a woman, who reached a breaking point after constantly being abused, threatened & humiliated at work by someone who once was very dear to me.

Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia at Inagural IPL Auction
Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia at Inagural IPL Auction

Violence and aggression against women is wrong, yet people try to point fingers at the woman who comes out with it trying to make her sound frivolous and with ulterior motive. My only motive is to fight for my self and this fight is not against any family but an individual. If the media found out about my complaint, and it became a big deal what can i do about it ? Did I call for a press conference ? NO I did not. I actually asked people and the media to respect my privacy.

As i said earlier, My motive is not to harm anyone but only to protect my self !
I’m grateful to any man who has had the courage to stand up, for woman genuinely going through similar circumstances. You are and always will be OUR HERO !!!

By this statement she has put lot of speculations to an end.
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Monday, 23 June 2014

New Uniform for Telangana Police, No more khaki, TG police gets Dark Blue Uniform

Posted by Siva Kumar Ari
Newly elect government of Telangana has resolved to implement and reform the TS Police Department where several modernised changes are going to be acquainted to serve the people of Telangana in the effective manner. The new modifications are going to be ushered in from 15th of august of this year. The lonesome and solitary objective of the new reforms is that to render the effective service along the lines of New York Police Department (NYPD) and London Police Department.

TG Khaki Uniform is Going to be Replaced:

The Khaki mark uniform of the Police Department is going to be replaced by the navy blue trousers and light blue shirts as a part of new reform change. Senior officials of the police department has stated that new uniform colour assumption and other mandatory changes need to be made in the State Police Manual as well however this change would not apply to IPS officers whose uniform codes are formed by the Government of India.

Thus the new dress code will be implemented to all police men from constable to the rank of SP's would wear the New Uniform. The CM of Telengana is keen on and wishes wanted the police machinery to give the city police world-class look with international standards of work culture. A senior police official, unwilling to be quoted, said “Since all associated changes, like acquiring new vehicles and branding them to improve image of city police, should be introduced simultaneously, it would take some time,”. The higher wig officials are working on the colour combinations and patterns of uniforms with designers well the hearsay and the furphy is that it is going to be as like NYPD which constitutes modernises uniform.

DGP Anurag Sharma is going to be given presentation by the Police department higher officials who are working on the new dress code and other changes like colours of vehicles, and stickers, logos and emblems to be pasted factors. Which would be later forwarded to Home Ministry and CM of Telengana State. Present patrolling vehicles are to replaced by 1,650 Toyota Innova and 1,500 high end motorbikes to ensure that police can reach a crime spot within 10 minutes from anywhere in the city. While few police officers said the entire patrolling system would be made independent of local police stations to improve response time of police.

Well common people and citizens of the state at the same more or less few police personnel’s welcome the revolutionary change step as they believe and opine that this would lead to render better service to the people of Telangana and especially these days where we the crime rate figure is uprising. It is also believed in sensitive and crime prone areas new 1000 CCTV cameras going to be installed which would really result in abridging the crimes in Hyderabad. A few police personnel’s say it out that this kind of practices would result out very well in developed nations where as it is not going yield as much as expected.

We wish that new reforms would boost the confidence of the police personnel’s on duty and would serve at their best and the crimes would get reduced at never before lower rate and Hyderabad to consort as the best peace full city in the world.
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Friday, 20 June 2014

GHMC Launches Rs. 5 Meal Scheme and Re.1 Breakfast Scheme

Posted by Siva Kumar Ari
The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) today launched a pilot center of a scheme which would provide subsidized hot and hygienic meals to the poor for Rs 5 at Nampally Sarai here. GHMC, which plans to feed 15,000 people a day, will set up 50 such centres, each equipped to serve 300 persons. The actual cost of the meal would be Rs 20. GHMC will bear the balance cost. To start with, GHMC has partnered with Akshaya Patra Foundation, run by Hare Krishna Movement, which will prepare the food.

Vegetarian Meal:

The vegetarian meal of rice, dal/sambar, sabji and pickle shall be served on first-come-first-serve basis in paper plates during 12 noon to 1 pm. The civic body has earmarked Rs 11 crore for this in its 2014-15 budget.

GHMC commissioner Somesh Kumar said that intended beneficiaries were the migrant workers who cannot pay Rs 40-50 that a meal costs in hotels.

I have seen many poor people at labour addas. I come from such a social background and worked with NGOs and I felt this is an opportune time, the commissioner said when asked about the inspiration for the scheme.

Collaboration with Akshaya Patra Foundation:

As the trial run started at Nampally Sarai in collaboration with Akshaya Patra Foundation, whether it will be a single implementing agency which will prepare the food or multiple agencies will be decided in future. Other pilot centres will come up at Koti, Chintalbasthi and Mehdipatnam, Kumar said, adding, we will study and try to understand the issues that crop up, before feeding 15,000 people.

GHMC launches Re.1 Breakfast:

As Rs.5 per meal project was intended to help the lower and under privileged sections of the society thus it was a huge success and people accolade the government for launching these kinds of schemes for the welfare of the people.

After tasting success with the concept of Rs.5 meal scheme in the city, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has now planned to stir a new recipe to offer breakfast at Re.1. For poor
Conceived by the Mayor, Mohammed Majid Hussain, the Re.1 breakfast concept is being planned to come up with a choice of idli, upma, poori or dosa at centres close to slums, labour addas, near hospitals, weaker section colonies and other such places where the poorer sections could be catered.

The idea takes off from the success of the Rs.5 meal, which starting as pilot project with one centre at Nampally Sarai has been spread to other centres, including Gudimalkapur, Mehdipatnam, Moosapet, Charminar, Secunderabad Clock Tower and L.B. Nagar. A total of 50 such meals points have been planned by the GHMC. In its budget, the civic body has earmarked Rs.11 crore for the Rs.5 meal scheme under which 450 gm rice, 100 gm dal, 150 gm curry and a spoon of pickle is served. Prepared at the centralized kitchen of the Hare Krishna Movement at Patancheru, each meal costs Rs.20 and the civic body provides a subsidy of Rs.15.

For the new proposal, the cost of each breakfast is expected to be Rs.5 with the civic body having to support with a subsidy of Rs.4. The GHMC officials said that issues related to new project would be considered and details worked out once a decision was taken at appropriate levels. “From the experience of Rs.5 meal, it will not be a big issue to work upon Re.1 breakfast concept,” said an official.

Scheme in Early Stage:

Mayor Mohammed Majid Hussain said the scheme was in early explorative stage and the idea was being pursued. “However, we will get on with only after all the proposed 50 centres offering Rs.5 meal are in place,” he added.


The municipal corporation also made a provision wherein interested persons can donate to the scheme on occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and so on. “They can either contribute for part of the meal on a given day at a given centre or sponsor the whole meal,” he said.
Sri Satya Gaura Chandra Dasa, president, Hare Krishna Movement, said the Hyderabad chapter was already providing mid-day meals under ‘Akshaya Patra’ scheme to around 1 lakh children and under ‘Bhojana Mitra’, free lunch was provided at some hospitals.

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

40 INDIANS Untraceable Iraq’s Mosul town 40 Indians are untraceable.

Posted by Siva Kumar Ari
In Mosul town of discordance-torn Iraq 40 Indian are unreachable. Though several measures are being taken yet they are unable to track out the details of the missing Indian Citizens. Relatives and friends of those who are missing are worried about their dear ones. Indian Government responded to the unfortunate incident and assured that their dear ones would return to India very soon. Indian government in collaboration with the Iraq government decided to send former envoy to Iraq Suresh Reddy to strengthen the Indian mission and to inquire regarding the missing in Baghdad.

On Tuesday the External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin said to media that “There are 40 Indians in Mosul who have not been able to contact”

While there are many allegations that the Indians were abducted by the militant groups and when the media encountered the spokesperson with this question whether the Indians are abducted then he responded as “We cannot confirm it. However, they are uncountable.”

Although the spokesperson said that Mr. Reddy is being sent to strengthen the Indian Mission which aims to save and help Indians in violence affected areas and towns of Iraq. As per the sources till now there are no reports of any Indian National in any violent incident and there is no participation or support of any Indian in the riots and violence in Iraq.

The spokesperson said that “The violence there is not targeted at Indian Nationals. We are just caught in cross fire. At this stage we have no reports, no confirmation of any Indian National being involved in any violent accident”. Indian embassy requested International Red Crescent in the mission and their help to locate the Indians, they contacted 46 Indian nurses in Tikrit and provided them assistance, External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Said. Insurrectionist turnouts have seized the two cities of Mosul and Tikrit. External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Akbaruddin Said “We have decided to strengthen the embassy by sending a seasoned Indian diplomat Mr. Suresh Reddy who will travel today to Baghdad to assist the embassy in it efforts’.

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